The Isaacs Family

The Isaacs Family

Friday, February 10, 2012

Emotional Mess!!!

Oh my gosh....I completely forgot how hard this was. These "pregnant" hormones sure are getting the best of me today! Not the bitchy side, but the emotional side. I seem to get upset over just about anything and cant keep dry eyes for a minute! Someone could look at me wrong and I'd start tearing up, seriously. How sad, right! Ugh its absolutely horrible. Dont people know how sensitive pregnant women are???? Come on now! Its common sense to be EXTRA careful with the things you say and do. I shouldnt have to walk around with a sign on my forehead, let alone a t-shirt stating the facts. The last thing a pregnant woman needs is stress. Im SO ready for this day to be over and to kick off the weekend with my family. Too bad I cant drink an ice cold miller lite right now cause that would surely hit the spot ;) 6 more months to go!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Flutters :)

Soooo sorry, Ive been really slacking on this whole "blog" thing. So much has been going on these past few weeks since my last post. Our precious baby boy just turned 4 yesterday!!! Cant believe it. We were so busy planning his party (which he had a blast at), not to mention tons of doctors appointments, and getting everything ready for my husbands new crazy schedule that started monday. I finally feel like I can sit down and relax now! Phew!!!

Here is an updated baby bump picture.......
Me at 11 weeks ;)

I'll be 12 weeks this saturday! Finally making it into my second trimester. I stopped taking my "morning sickness" medicine last night because Ive been feeling better lately.... We'll see how this goes. So far so good :) Cross your fingers!!! Those who know me, know I was sick ALL 9 months with Tyson. Yuck :(

For the past few days Ive been feeling lots of those flutters in my belly. I thought it was way to early to be feeling the baby move because with Tyson I didnt feel him til around 15 weeks. Well I did some research this morning and found that with your second pregnancy you feel movement a lot sooner. And the smaller you are the sooner you can also feel them. Im pretty small! haha. SO I definitely believe now that its the baby moving all around. I missed this feeling. It was the best thing about my first pregnancy! Theres nothing like it<3 And today this baby seems to be a little jumping bean :)

Friday, January 6, 2012


Some of you may find this post a little "TMI" but I really wanted to post it because it may help other women out there that are in my same shoes. AND all of those who know me well, know Im not a bit shy about this subject ;) Anywho....Those close to me (family & friends) know I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was diagnosed when I was around 10 years old. For those of you who dont know what that is- its characterized by chronic abdominal pain, discomfort, bloating, alteration of bowel habits. Some people face diarrhea, and others have the opposite, constipation. Unfortunately I got the diarrhea part. Real bummer!

I had heard that being pregnant can make your IBS better. Which I believed because I never had a single problem with it during my first pregnancy. (Praise God!) BUT this time around, completely different story! ~ Im 8 weeks pregnant and hadnt really thought much of it. Ive noticed lately I have been "running" to the bathroom much more often than I have in a long time. And spending 30 minutes + in there, a few times a day, UGH. Horrible, I know! I figured, its just my body acting up from all the new pregnancy changes. Well, up until last night I knew that wasnt the case. I spent the majority of my "sleeping hours" through the night, up crying from the absolute WORST stomach attack I have had in years!!!!!!! I thought something terrible was happening! I kept thinking, OMG is the baby ok? Seriously wth was going on??? BUT no bleeding! So thats when I knew it wasnt the baby. I got up today and did some research online about IBS in pregnant women. BINGO! Found this webpage with hundreds of stories from women going through the exact same thing as me. Phew! All of them stating that their IBS got worse for them when they were pregnant. Not that its a good thing, but glad to know its not something else going wrong with me. And the downfall.....there is NOTHING they can do for it since Im pregnant  :(  SO I have to suck up these horrible, and I mean HORRIBLE constant stomach pains/attacks, and deal with the diarrhea after EVERY meal. Not even kiddng you. Eating something as little as a PB&J sandwich sends me rushing to the toilet these days. I already dont have much of an appetite, and now I feel like this growing baby inside me is not getting all the proper things he/she needs. WHY ME??? I will definitely be bringing this up with my OB at my next appointment. Please cross your fingers that this will get better! I wouldnt wish this on anyone :(

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

SURPRISE.....Im Pregnant!

Travis and I decided last January (2011) that we wanted to start trying for baby number 2. My son (Tyson) had just turned 3 and I thought that was the perfect age gap. After months and months of getting my hopes up I finally decided that God was telling us this was just not the right time. And I was completely fine with that! Come August Travis got the news we had patiently been waiting over a year for- that he was being medically retired from the Army. With our big transition back to civilian life, moving, finding a home, figuring out our new income, and the holidays right in the middle of it all, we decided to put "baby making" on hold! Our lives were just too hectic at the moment and we needed time to settle into our new lifestyle. We moved back to our hometown at the end of October, and found the perfect little house for us December 1. After the craziness of unpacking and finally finding a moment to sit down and breathe, I realized, hmmm I havent gotten my period yet. I figured, ohh it was just from all the recent stress. Plus it had been irregular for awhile now. So I put it behind me, and didnt mention anything to Travis about it. Afterall I wasnt going to get my hopes up like I had done in the past. A couple more weeks passed by and still no period. I hadnt really had any "pregnancy" symptoms, but I said, what the hell I'll take a test just to see. Christmas Eve morning I snuck into the bathroom before anyone else woke up......And SURPRISE, the test was completely positive! I was so overwhelmed at the moment. I thought over and over, is this for real? Can it be wrong?...and then I just smiled. I was SO happy! I knew it, I just knew that was going to happen....As soon as we stopped really trying, Id get pregnant. Isnt that how it always happens? haha. ~Well I didnt want to tell Travis right away. With it being Christmas I wanted to come up with a neat way to tell him and my family. So I tied a bow around the actual test and wrapped it up in a box for Travis to open :)  
Travis opening his present on Christmas Eve at my family's house. ~MERRY CHRISTMAS Hunny ;)

And here is the christmas card Tyson made for Meme (Travis' mom), telling his family the news on Christmas day :)  How cute!!

At the end of the day we are all very happy and  beyond excited! I guess God has a plan for everyone and he decided now was our time :) My first doctors appointment was last week. I am currently 7 1/2 weeks pregnant, and my due date is Aug. 18th! Stay tuned to read about all the updates I'll be posting along my pregnancy! ;)